Social Responsibility

Baum Development believes that making economically, socially and environmentally responsible decisions is vital to the success of our organization and the communities in which we work.   We consider the impact of our actions on the immediate neighborhood, the greater society and the environment at-large in every project.  

Since inception, we have been involved in numerous projects promoting the conservation of obsolete buildings by implementing adaptive reuse and historic preservation ideas. Successful rehabilitation of these buildings means considerable achievement for the communities in which they are located.

Baum acknowledges that maintaining healthy natural resources are a critical component of sustainable economic and social development.


We have decided to increase our focus on sustainability.   In May 2006, Baum took action and is planning to renovate the former Cooper Lamp building in Chicago to LEED standards.   Green Exchange will be LEED certified and will become the premier location for showcasing green businesses and organizations.   It will be the first building in the U.S. devoted exclusively to green products and services and will help move the green marketplace from niche to mainstream.

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