Community Commitment

Baum Development's commitment to community involvement is led by the philanthropic mindset of our founders, David Baum and Douglas Baum. Through our volunteer activities, financial contributions and non-profit partnerships, our company strives to improve the communities in which we live and work.

As a group, our team volunteers at the Uptown Café, serving food to the homeless, and for the Chicago Public Schools. We routinely work pro bono, consulting for numerous organizations including Local Initiative Support Corporation (LISC), MetroEdge and the North Lawndale Christian Development Corporation. In addition, we are a founding sponsor of the DePaul Real Estate School and was a Platinum sponsor of the 2006 JUF Real Estate Trade Dinner.

Baum's prosperity has also meant considerable success for the communities in which it is involved. The redevelopment of underutilized properties gives new life to former neighborhood rough patches while creating jobs and new homes for those who live in these underserved communities.

We take a triple bottom line approach to measuring success by focusing not only on the financial return on investment, but also taking great pride in contributing positively to the communities in which we work and protecting the environment through sustainable development. The company is presently planning its first LEED certified building and is dedicated to making environmentally and socially responsible decisions in future development projects.

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